Taskigo FAQ


What is Taskigo?

Taskigo is a lightweight tasks & time management tool.
Its main power is simplicity and ease of access (no registration required).

Is it free?


What is it good for?

Taskigo works best to manage small projects or for when your job involves having lots of interrupts and side-tasks you need to handle at different times.

How do I use it?

First define the 3 columns (categories) you think are most relevant to the type of tasks you want to manage.
Then whenever a new task arise, create a card in the corresponding column and set deadline if needed. When task is done, delete with with the X button.

Can I backup my data?

Yes, and its recommended. Open the options menu (bottom-right icon) and click on 'Export' to save your board as a local file.

Can I migrate my board to a different computer / browser?

Yes, use the Export / Import option to do that (export from source machine and import into target where you want board to appear).

Can I recover deleted cards?

Yes, cards you delete are kept in a hidden column and you can restore them from it. Click on the bottom-right button with the trash-can icon to see the deleted cards.
Note: Taskigo will not keep deleted cards forever, and if you delete them from the deleted column they will be deleted permanently.

Can I create multiple boards?

Yes, through the options menu (bottom-right icon) or by adding URL param with the new board's name.


What data do you collect on me?

Nothing. Not even your cards, everything is stored locally using localstorage and cookies for backup.
Only data collected is 'google analytics' basic page tracking.

Can anyone else see my board?

If someone opens your browser from the same computer and user, he will see your board.

Can I use incognito mode?

Yes but you won't be able to save any data. Your board will be lost as soon as you close the browser.


My board is gone, why?

All board's data is stored locally in the browser's local storage, if you clear history your data will be lost.
Also you need to use the same browser and user to access your data. Different browser / user = different board.